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  • The duration of the Pre-Sea Training Course For General Purpose Ratings is 3 months. The duration of the Pre-Sea Training Course For General Purpose Ratings is 3 months.
    Deck Cadets learn to load ships, store cargo, handle gear, stationary rigging, and running gear, and learns ship stability, ship maneuvering and ship management and perform
    this merchant navy training course, the candidates undergo 6 months of Pre-Sea training Program at our academy i.e Bharath Institute Of Marine Services in Hyderabad, India
    Welcome to Anchor Maritime Institute
    Anchor Maritime Institute is a world class Marine training institute of international standards. In order to provide the technical education in the field of Merchant Navy, AMI was established. The courses conducted at AMI are highly job oriented in the worldwide shipping companies. The young boys are motivated properly & trained in a disciplined manner to work with various national in the International shipping companies.
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  • The GP Rating course was really awesome. This was the first time we experienced a professional dedicated team and it was out of the world. The course helped participants understand the concept of practical Knowledge much better than attending lectures. My Present Salary is about 50,000/ month thanks to Anchor...
  • Atul
  • Rajesh sir thanks for my placement support and the training I am feeling the change in me.Confidence to have new friends; want to thank you for giving an opportunity to have true 'Rishta's" with ALL of you. Its been 5 months on ship and i am enjoying this life.
  • Faizan
  • It was an helpful Training course ; meaningful year and enjoyable new friendships. Nothing of the above was possible, I am very positive, without a great trainer/coach/guide .
  • Rajesh
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    Consultancy for ship rig yard and aboard land job
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    Admission started for GP Rating /Deck Cadet /Engine Cadet - 2013 Batch
    Boarding & Lodging included in the course Fee
    Guided and headed by professional Mariners .